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Archive for August, 2008

Understanding Basic Adempiere Workflow

Posted by: Bayu Cahya P on: August 15, 2008

Recently, within our internal testing, they are some interesting question about Adempiere workflow.
“I have followed this sample process requisition work flow, but I didn’t got an idea about how this work flow works in real case. It just set this, set that and you are done. Can somebody teach me with simple real implementation example?”
Well, [...]

Multi Accounting Schema #3

Posted by: Bayu Cahya P on: August 8, 2008

As explained in our previous journal, we were facing to wrong calculation result within cost details records for our USD currency. As per our test, this error result firstly came from matching PO/Invoice regarding its Purchase Orders documents. Cause our transaction within IDR currency and the wrong calculation was within USD currency, it seems that [...]

Multi Accounting Schema #2

Posted by: Bayu Cahya P on: August 7, 2008

As per previous journal , we were facing to No Cost for Memory exception while trying to post Shipment (Customer) document.
Okay, it’s time to check what is happening behind the scene. As per our basic knowledge, posting document within Adempiere would be affected to accounting consequences. And because this Shipment (Customer) document using table M_InOut [...]

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