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Introduction to Adempiere Costing implementation

Posted by: Bayu Cahya P on: December 15, 2008

Long time a go, when get impressed with Adempiere for first time, I just found this Adempiere No Costs message while try to accomplish Adempiere goods shipment — via Shipment (Customer) window –

adempiere no costs error message

Here a step by step to reproduce this message

1. Using Garden World default client installation
2. Make a Sales Order that contains some product (whatever). Here, we used Elm Tree products, complete and post this document
3. Generate shipments
4. Post your shipments document

And then we are introduced to the first error message. Brrrrr….. It might be the first bad impression with Adempiere :) Strugling to find what’s happened, somebody at community just recommend to perform Performance Analysis -> Costing -> Create Costing records. Just like chicken which doesn’t have any other options, I just followed his/her suggestion.

“It doesn’t work. I am still facing Adempiere shipment (customer) no costs message :(

“Okay. You shall check the product costs for this stuff”

“Product costs?”

“Yes. You could access this window with Performance Analysis -> Costing -> Product Costs”

“I see. I have checked product costs tab for this product, and found that It has standard costing cost element (only) and already set current cost price to $24″

“And it still cann’t post shipment (customer) documents? Strange…..”

We have no conversation after that. 1 day, 2 day, 3 days trying to solve this issues with no luck. Woaaa, just like my kids who start to crying, I just want to start to kick this stuff and just blame that it doesn’t work (bad decision).

When time is going on, now, I have a little bit of knowledge about how Shipment document posting was working behind the scene. Take a look at our dull picture

adempiere getting costs ilustrations

While getting costs from product costs, here is the code snips taken from lines 714-731 for Adempiere 342 version

 *  Get Total Product Costs
 *  @param as accounting schema
 *  @param AD_Org_ID trx org
 *      @param zeroCostsOK zero/no costs are OK
 *  @return costs
public BigDecimal getProductCosts (MAcctSchema as, int AD_Org_ID, boolean zeroCostsOK)
        ProductCost pc = getProductCost();
        int C_OrderLine_ID = getC_OrderLine_ID();
        String costingMethod = null;
        BigDecimal costs = pc.getProductCosts(as, AD_Org_ID, costingMethod,
                C_OrderLine_ID, zeroCostsOK);
        if (costs != null)
                return costs;
        return Env.ZERO;
}   //  getProductCosts

Reading this codes, it requires costingMethod as one of their parameter. It leads us to searching about what costing method used by Elm products.

“For your Garden World default configuration, seems that all Adempiere products uses Average Invoice costing method”

“How do you know that Elm products uses Average Invoice costing method?”

“Simply, first check your Adempiere Product Category costing method. If it’s blank, then it will use Accounting Schema costing method”

“Gotcha. I think it might be the root of problem. We are only update standard costing value, while Elm product build it costs upon Average Invoice costing method. So, does set standard cost as main costing method for Trees product category (Elm was registered to Trees product category) solve this problem?”

“Try yourself and analyze further”

Phewwww, we are just following up his/her insights, and finally, we could post our shipment (customer) documents. This is our accounting consequences –journal generated– taken from this activity which ship 2 qty of Elm trees (2 * $24)

adempiere shipment customer journal

Is this help you with your problem? If not, just blame this article why couldn’t resolve your issues :)

3 Responses to "Introduction to Adempiere Costing implementation"

1 | hendry

April 29th, 2009 at 10:47 am

Perusahaan Kami tertarik dengan adempiere,
Gimana nih tuh mulainya and contac personnya

2 | Bayu Cahya P

April 29th, 2009 at 11:03 am

Hi P Hendry,

Anda bisa menghubungi saya (Bayu) di 024-70268109.

Silahkan mengirim email ke jika ada hal hal yang ingin ditanyakan.

Terima kasih

3 | hendry

November 17th, 2009 at 12:30 pm

baik pak….
Trims ya…

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