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Guidance to build ADempiere Libero from the source

Posted by: Bayu Cahya P on: April 27, 2009

Hello community, recently I hear this conversation about manager asking to evaluate ADempiere Libero

“Steve, could you evaluate ADempiere Libero for me? This products is awesome”

“How to get this stuff”, Steve asking

“Simply, you can check out their source code both for ADempiere and Libero and then build by yourself”.

“Build by myself? Any guidance to build this source”

“Find it at their wiki”

Steve asking in his mind, “find it at their wiki”. Simple answer but can make his mind blowing up to set this one.

To fullfil the gap with the guidance, here, we are creating a sort flash movie about how to comply this tasks.

First, you shall get an information relating to setup the project in Eclipse both for ADempiere trunk and libero here. This is a 4:11 minutes movie.

Second, flash movie shall pointing you to build libero package. Access this resource here. This is a 1:57 minutes movie.

Third, you will be escorted to build the source code, set initial libero validator and you are ready to fly with libero. Watch it here. This is a 15:14 minutes movie.

This is a free material for ADempiere community. Because this is a free material, then you shall share this material freely to others.

For offline accessing, you are freely to download this complete movies at here or here.

Enjoy your ADempiere Libero.

Note: In case you can not download it from our sites, you can download it from rapidshare.

2 Responses to "Guidance to build ADempiere Libero from the source"

1 | shiju

June 22nd, 2009 at 1:05 pm

Wonderful !!!

2 | tatati

October 19th, 2009 at 1:15 pm

thank you for making this information available in such a simple non pretentious way, congratulations! Libero here I go…

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