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ADempiere 3.4 ERP book released now

Posted by: Bayu Cahya P on: December 18, 2009

Hello Community,

I would like to inform that the ADempiere 3.4 ERP book published by PACKT Publishing are available right now.
Once again, I express my big thanks to our reviewers (in alphabetical order)

Colin Rooney
Heng Sin Low
Praneet Tiwari

and to all of ADempiere community which direct/indirectly support our ADempiere book.

For your references, you can access the details of table of contents (TOC) of the book here (its about 14 pages)

While you need to place an order, you can access this link.

Wish the best for our ADempiere project.

Kind regards
Bayu Cahya P

4 Responses to "ADempiere 3.4 ERP book released now"

1 | PeanutBlake

December 29th, 2009 at 11:13 am

Great work!
Dear Bayu, I am a Chinese fan of ADempiere. Your book “ADempiere 3.4 ERP Solutions” is great and I want to translate it to Chinese. And I still have some questions:
1. Is it OK (or legal) to translate?
2.Can I share the Chinese translation to ADempiere Community?

Sincerely waiting for your reply.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Peanut Blake

2 | Bayu Cahya P

December 29th, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Hello Peanut Blake,

I am happy to hear that our book is fulfil your needs.

According to your asking, yes, it is possible to translate our book to local language, to spread ADempiere more into your country. It will be great if we have this ADempiere 3.4 ERP Solutions book into Chinese language version.

I have contacted our publisher (Packt) regarding the translation request, and they will get in touch with you soon to answer your query.

Once again, thank you for request.

Best wishes and Happy New Year :)

Bayu Cahya P

3 | Max Sánchez

November 28th, 2010 at 12:14 am

Hi, Bayu,

Hi, I bought your book and helped me a lot. Do we update the book to version 3.6? When the next release?

In this edition, I found no reference on how to place overhead of all the company, such as electricity invoice, telephone invoice and Internet Invoice. (Not only to manufacture) Can you give me an idea of how to handle?

It would be good for your next book discusses how to manage deployments of adempiere in other areas such as agriculture or service companies.

Thanks in advance for your response.

4 | ck

April 29th, 2011 at 2:51 pm

hi bro, can i know how to do post dated cheque in adempiere 360? as i know, post dated cheque feature is a local feature for adempiere in indonesia. so can u give me any idea in order to do post dated cheque as my version of adempiere is international version?

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